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Filter material Spilltex®
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Filter material Spilltex®


The product is a specially fabricated rectangular cloth of Spilltex® filter material passing water through and capturing any petroleum products (diesel fuel, gasoline, oil).

Owing to innovative coat made by Biomicrogel® particles, the surface of filter material Spilltex® attains wetting and oleophobic properties. It passes water through easily and captures any types of oils, grease and petroleum products, making provision for inflow separation of oil – water mixtures.

Spilltex® - фильтрующий материал для отделения дизельного топлива от воды.

Solutions used

For water treatment
Purification of industrial and storm wastewater from oil and petroleum products prior to their discharge
For responding to oil spills
Containment and the recovery of thin oil slicks from the surface of water
For the treatment and disposal of spent metalworking fluids
Decontamination of metalworking fluids in metallurgical engineering and tube rolling
Treatment of reservoir water, produced water, bottom water, and water injected to maintain reservoir pressure

Used products

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